July 02, 2021

WPPI Energy Releases 2020 Annual Report

Mike Peters From the CEO

The locally owned utilities that make up WPPI Energy deliver significant value to the people and businesses they serve. Especially during difficult times like the COVID-19 pandemic, this value is a bright spot for their customers and community. Read more in WPPI Energy’s Annual Report.

 The following is an excerpt from the report, written by Jeff Feldt and Mike Peters.

Throughout our joint action agency’s more than four decades of history, and especially during the changes and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, WPPI members have worked together to provide local support and services that matter to their customers and communities. In 2020, this included:

Advancing $3.1 million in refunds to deliver wholesale rate relief in the summer, when customers needed it most.

Contributing $500,000 in Community Recharge funding for local relief and recovery.

Securing and offering loan funds to help WPPI member utilities weather potential revenue losses in the event of non-payment by customers.

At the very core of our joint action agency’s mission, WPPI’s wholesale power costs stayed competitive and stable while we continued reducing the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with supplying electric power to our communities.

We also remained steadfast in our efforts to ensure WPPI members’ continued success in a changing industry, with advanced utility technologies, online tools for customers, renewable energy options, and more. Finally, we continued to actively engage with policymakers so that their decisions would be well informed by the needs and local priorities of our member communities.

As we look together toward a robust public health and economic recovery, the WPPI membership will maintain its steady focus on delivering reliable, affordable, responsible power, forward-thinking services, and highly effective advocacy. This is the value of like-minded utilities working together to best meet local needs. This is how WPPI members will continue to shine for their communities.

Jeff Feldt
WPPI Energy Board Chair
General Manager, Kaukauna Utilities

Mike Peters
President & CEO of WPPI Energy