Power Supply

Delivering a diverse, flexible power supply is WPPI Energy’s core purpose.

Through our joint action agency, 51 member utilities own generation and transmission resources, make joint power purchases, and share the cost of implementing new technologies — all of which help members maintain reliable service for the 200,000 homes and businesses they collectively serve.

WPPI Energy’s power supply is diverse, with stable and competitive costs. Having held our average cost of wholesale power to members relatively flat from 2014-2018, average wholesale power supply costs to members actually decreased 7.4% in 2018.

We are also environmentally responsible. WPPI has greatly reduced the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with supplying power, and we will continue making progress in this area. By 2025, our CO2 emissions will be reduced by approximately 37% from 2005 levels.

Owned Resources

Boswell Energy Center Unit 4 near Cohasset, Minnesota, an important baseload resource to meet members’ needs.

Elm Road Generating Station in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, considered one of the cleanest, most modern and efficient coal plants in the U.S.

South Fond du Lac Units 1 & 4, natural gas-fired generation in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Island Street Peaking Plant, natural gas-fired generation in Kaukauna, Wisconsin

Worthington Wind Turbines near Worthington, Minnesota

Purchased Power

WPS, slice of system energy

WEPCO, slice of system energy

Bishop Hill III Wind Energy Center, a wind farm in northern Illinois

Point Beach Nuclear Plant, near Two Rivers, Wisconsin

Nelson Energy Center, a combined cycle plant in northern Illinois

Butler Ridge, a wind farm in Mayville, Wisconsin

Top of Iowa II, a wind farm near Kensett, Iowa

Member-Owned Generation, gas and oil-fired generation

Barton I, a wind farm in Worth County, Iowa

Forward Wind Energy Center, wind farm near Brownsville, Wisconsin

Outagamie Clean Energy Project, a landfill project in Appleton, Wisconsin

Kimberly Hydro in Kimberly, Wisconsin

Richland Center Renewable Energy, a wastewater digester in the member community of Richland Center, Wisconsin, owned by Foremost Farms USA and Schreiber Foods

Jefferson Solar in the member community of Jefferson, Wisconsin, owned by Half Moon Ventures LLC of Chicago

John Street Hydro in Appleton, Wisconsin

Community Solar Gardens in member communities River Falls and New Richmond, Wisconsin