About Us

Member-owned, not-for-profit WPPI Energy serves 51 locally owned electric utilities. Together, WPPI members have built a diverse, competitive and responsible power supply. They share modern technologies and forward-thinking services, and they speak with a unified voice for effective energy policy advocacy.

Locally owned, not-for-profit, public power utilities bring significant value to their communities.

WPPI Energy stands behind its member utilities to help them preserve and enhance this value for the long term, with:​

  • A reliable, affordable, responsible power supply
  • Cost-effective shared programs and services
  • An effective voice for energy policy advocacy

WPPI Energy member utilities are stronger together; this is the joint action advantage of 51 local utilities partnering for the benefit of the customers and communities they serve.

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About WPPI Energy

Our Mission

To help member utilities accomplish more by working together for reliable, affordable, responsible electricity, forward-thinking services and effective advocacy.

Our Vision

WPPI Energy members will set the standard for locally owned utilities working together to help their communities thrive.

Mike Peters

President & CEO

Mike Peters has worked with and for locally owned, not-for-profit electric utilities for the past three decades. He joined WPPI Energy in January 2011 as president and CEO, responsible for the organization’s leadership, strategic direction and day-to-day operations.

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Board of Directors

All that member-owned WPPI Energy does is driven by the utilities and communities we serve. Each of the 51 members participate in setting the business strategy that shapes every WPPI initiative.

Our 51-member board of directors and its committees oversee their implementation. The result: WPPI is a strong and effective joint action partnership created, driven and governed by 51 actively engaged members.

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Advisory Groups

WPPI is built on the principle that all members should have the opportunity to participate fully in decision-making regarding the organization. WPPI’s strategic initiatives and menu of support services are developed under the direction of member advisory groups. Members have carefully structured WPPI as a resource that helps them keep their utilities strong, efficient and competitive.

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