August 21, 2019

WPPI Energy Members Rank No. 1 in Small-Midsize Business Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Excellent reliability. Trustworthiness. Providing options that customers want, and playing an active role in everyday life of the community. …All are longstanding hallmarks of community-owned, not-for-profit public power utilities. Recently, these attributes also earned the WPPI Energy membership top national honors for business customer satisfaction.

WPPI Energy members claimed the number one ranking in E Source’s latest 2019 Small and Midsize Business (SMB) customer satisfaction survey.

“It’s no surprise to see WPPI Energy members lead the way when it comes to meeting customer expectations,” says WPPI Energy Vice President of Energy Services Jake Oelke. “Our member utilities exist for the benefit of the people and businesses they serve, and satisfying customers is how they measure their success.”

E Source’s studies identify the best utilities in business customer satisfaction, highlight the top attributes that lead to higher satisfaction scores, and deliver insights for product planning. The SMB study included more than 3,300 completed surveys.

WPPI Energy’s members earned the top overall ranking, as well as top scores in four of the eight customer satisfaction categories, including:

·         Providing reliable energy
·         Offering a variety of rate options, programs and services
·         Playing an active part in the community
·         Trustworthiness

“Meeting customer expectations is the leading measure of success for our 51 customer-focused member utilities,” Oelke says. “Customer feedback and benchmarking play a central role in how we understand those expectations and how we work to keep our services and communication strategies relevant.”