November 04, 2020

WPPI Energy Children’s Book Receives National Recognition

Member Utilities

WPPI Energy worked in partnership with member utilities to create a children’s book, now receiving national recognition. The book, titled “If I were a Lineworker,” was distributed both digitally and via hard copy to local community members. The book explores the job of a public power lineworker through a child’s imagination. Supplemental pages at the end of the book promote safety and educate children about lineworkers and the equipment they use to do their work.

Since its publication in the spring of 2020, “If I were a Lineworker” has received awards from two national organizations. The research firm E Source in September awarded the book first place in the energy safety category of its Ad Awards program. The award’s purpose is to recognize and reward creative excellence in utility advertising.

On Oct. 28, the American Public Power Association recognized WPPI Energy and its member utilities with the Excellence in Public Power Communications Award for the book. Entrants were judged for showing ingenuity and creativity, outstanding copy, and design.

So far this year, WPPI Energy member utilities have donated over 13,000 copies of “If I were a Lineworker” to community libraries, classrooms, and non-profit organizations. Digital copies were distributed via social media channels, often alongside a video of a local lineworker or librarian reading the book.

Anna Stieve, energy services manager for WPPI Energy, illustrated the book and wrote the original copy. “I want to thank all of our member utilities for their valuable input on the story,” stated Stieve. “This was a fun and educational project to work on, and it’s great to see so many children learning about how their local lineworkers help power the communities they live in.”

The children’s book can be viewed online by clicking here.