May 12, 2021

Utilities Support Local Students

Member Utilities

Last year, 47 WPPI Energy member utilities provided 75 scholarships to high school seniors in their communities. Those scholarships totaled $57,500. Although 2021 numbers are not yet available, this year is looking similar, with many utilities again accepting applications and awarding scholarships.

“Supporting local students is important to our members,” says Kelanie Davis, marketing manager for WPPI Energy. “The scholarship program is a way for locally owned, not-for-profit utilities to invest back into the communities they serve.”

Providing scholarships is just one way utilities promote education in their areas. WPPI Energy members also work together to collaborate with the Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP) through the Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education, providing a variety of professional development workshops that integrate energy education into existing curriculum.

In addition, member utilities also host live performances in local schools in partnership with the National Theatre for Children. The live performances focus on energy management, safety, and renewable energy, with additional resources provided to teachers to transfer the topics into lesson planning.

“Member utilities recognize that a strong school system can help their communities continue to learn and grow, so supporting local students and teachers is a top priority,” stated Davis.