August 12, 2020

Utilities Help Local Businesses Save Money Through Free Rooftop Unit Training


Small to medium-sized business owners, building managers, those responsible for heating and cooling, and anyone else using a rooftop unit (RTU), are encouraged to sign up to learn more about properly maintaining or replacing their RTU. An RTU is a packaged unit installed on the roof, used either for air conditioning or as a heat pump capable of both heating and cooling.

Utilized on more than 50% of all commercial buildings, RTUs have the potential to waste thousands of dollars per unit annually if not properly maintained. Members of WPPI Energy are partnering with Slipstream to provide free online training to customers who use RTUs. The webinars will share information on the cost to operate RTUs and identify strategies to save money. For example, a building could save 20-30% of its utility costs by changing the time of day the system runs.

The first of the three-part series was taped in advance and is available to the public at The online video identifies RTUs and their many components, while also providing a better understanding of how much energy they consume and their total cost to operate.

The second and third parts of the series go more in-depth and are available by signing up for free webinars, which will take place at 11:00 AM CST on Sept. 2 and Sept. 23. To sign up, visit or email These courses will provide continuing education credits for those who need AFE, BOC, BOMI, WI-DSPS, or WI-PE credits. For free credits, sign up using the code WPPIFREE.

“I encourage all businesses using a rooftop unit to view the online video and sign up for the two webinars,” stated Stacie Running, Energy Services Representative for WPPI Energy. “It’s a great opportunity to learn about system maintenance in order to maximize energy efficiency and ultimately save money on energy costs.”