January 17, 2024

Utilities bring live theater to local students

Member Utilities

Local utilities have teamed up with The National Theatre for Children (NTC) to help educators inspire the next generation of their community’s students. This year’s program, called “Eco Guardians,” features two professional actors who teach about energy efficiency, conservation and renewable resources through their multitude of characters.

The program delivers information on electricity to more than 80 schools in Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa, focusing on the following educational points:

• How energy use is measured
• How energy is wasted
• How energy is conserved
• Identifying types of renewable energy

The 25-minute live in-school performance aims to have students learn about energy efficiency with the help of Nikki Neutron, a superhero for the energy-saving Eco Guardians. Nikki’s boss, U.R. Fired, informs her that the wasteful supervillain The Sneaker is on the loose. With the help of characters like Thunderstorm and Bert the Dirt Expert, Nikki learns all about energy and sets out on a mission.

Students can actively participate and help Nikki convince The Sneaker about the importance of protecting the planet.

“Our member utilities appreciate this opportunity to partner with NTC and local schools,” said Energy Services Manager Jenna Willi. “It is such a positive experience to help area students learn more about how their locally owned utilities power the community.”

Along with the in-school assembly, the NTC provides digital materials to expand upon the educational content of the program. For more information about “Eco Guardians,” visit nationaltheatre.com.