September 14, 2019

The State of WPPI Energy in 2019

From the CEO

As a member-owned, not-for-profit wholesale power supplier, WPPI Energy is accountable to our members and their customers. Serving 51 community-owned utilities, it is our mission to provide reliable, low-cost electricity. Each year, the WPPI Energy Board Chair and I report on the state of our joint action agency. This year is no exception, and Jeff Feldt and I are pleased to report that the WPPI Energy membership continues to excel.

WPPI Energy held costs to members relatively flat for the past five years, and we plan this trend to continue for at least another five years. In fact, WPPI Energy’s average wholesale power supply cost decreased 7.4% in 2018, marking our lowest wholesale cost since 2009.

Not only are we keeping costs stable and competitive, we are doing so while making our portfolio more diverse and sustainable. Our power supply today is around 33% carbon-free — significantly better than most of our industry peers. And we will soon add the Point Beach Solar Energy Center, keeping us on track to achieve about a 37% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2025 when compared to 2005.

While supplying power is the core of our operations, WPPI Energy’s services drive member satisfaction. From cyber security to renewable energy programs and state of the art billing and metering, we partner with members to help them and their customers succeed in a rapidly changing industry.

Our 51 member communities are exceptional places to live, work and play. Together through joint action, WPPI Energy member utilities will continue powering these great places, now and well into the future.