April 13, 2020

Thank a Lineman on National Lineman Appreciation Day

Member Utilities

Members of WPPI Energy are encouraging their customers to #thankalineman on April 18 for National Lineman Appreciation Day. Lineworkers, the utility employees who install, maintain and repair overhead and underground power lines and related equipment, play a crucial part in making sure people have access to reliable power.


“Each year, we look forward to recognizing and thanking the lineworkers in our members’ communities, and the current public health emergency demonstrates how truly valuable they are,” said Chris Chartier, Director of Distribution Services for WPPI Energy. “The work they do is vital to keeping our community powered. Their work is inherently dangerous, and the coronavirus only adds another element to that danger.”


Line work is not easy. Lineworkers must have the physical strength and agility to climb poles, dig trenches, and more while wearing equipment that can weigh around 45 pounds. They also expose themselves to danger every day, whether it be dealing with high voltage lines or working hundreds of feet off the ground on a pole or in a bucket lift. Since power outages can happen at any time and can be caused by anything from a storm to a car accident, lineworkers need to be prepared to spring into action at a moment’s notice.


During an emergency, lineworkers are typically the first people on the scene. Storms and other catastrophic events can down power lines and put civilians and first responders at risk of electrocution. Before EMTs, law enforcement officials, and firefighters enter an emergency zone, lineworkers go in and work to make sure the area is safe for other first responders to do their work.


“Really, everyone owes lineworkers a huge debt of gratitude,” said Chartier.


WPPI Energy is encouraging those on social media to recognize the lineworkers in their lives by using the hashtag #thankalineman.