October 28, 2021

Utilities receive national recognition as a Smart Energy Providers

Member Utilities

This year, 20 member utilities of WPPI Energy earned a Smart Energy Provider designation from the American Public Power Association.  The utilities received the award at the American Public Power Association’s Customer Connections Conference Oct. 24-27. This brings the total number of WPPI Energy utilities holding the designation to 27. Nationwide, 97 public power utilities now hold the prestigious title.

“Our member utilities work hard to deliver cost-effective, reliable power and forward-looking programs and services to the customers they serve,” said Mike Peters, CEO of WPPI Energy. “It’s wonderful to see them honored like this on a national level.”

The Smart Energy Provider designation, which lasts for two years, recognizes public power utilities for demonstrating leading practices in four key disciplines: energy efficiency, distributed generation, renewable energy, and environmental initiatives. The application requires a rigorous, in-depth review comparing each utility against best practices in all four areas.

“These 27 member utilities deserve to be recognized for their efforts in supporting their community’s responsible energy use,” mentioned Jake Oelke, vice president of energy services for WPPI Energy. “Members take a lot of pride in the programs they offer to help customers save money and reduce their collective footprint on the environment. It’s encouraging to see them acknowledged as some of the best when it comes to smart energy.”