Distribution System Support

Member utility staff who are logged in have full access to resources.

GIS Support Service

The new WPPI Geographical Information System (GIS) Support Service was created to provide members with a resource for quality GIS services at a reduced cost through joint action, and in an amount that fits individual member needs.

We are currently soliciting interest in program participation. In the first year of the program, as we focus...

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Shared Meter Technician Service

Cost-effective access to skilled meter technical resources in an amount that fits individual member needs is available through the Shared Meter Technician Service. Under the Shared Meter Technician Service, interested members subscribe to a share of a meter technician to perform local electric metering work.

Interim Utility Management

In the event that circumstances leave a member with special transitional needs following the loss of its manager, WPPI can provide assistance to help the member through the transition. In addition to providing management through an interim period, staff can also help the member through the recruitment and hiring process for the next leader.

Management Support

Assistance is available to member management for the following and more:

  • Distribution system engineering
  • Developing a request for proposal
  • Reviewing consultant reports and proposals
  • Providing technical expertise and training
  • Consulting on staffing and hiring

NERC Compliance

WPPI Energy provides services in order to assist members who have responsibility to comply with applicable electric reliability standards of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and its regional entities, including the Midwest Reliability Organization (MRO).

Territory Program

Members can protect existing and future growth potential in their communities by addressing electric service territory and customer “right to serve” situations through the of the Territory Program.