March 22, 2020

Public Response to COVID-19

An Update from WPPI

WPPI Energy is actively monitoring the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation and taking action to protect our most important priority: the health and safety of our staff, members and the general public.

As the not-for-profit, member-owned power supplier to 51 local utilities, we are fully prepared and equipped to continue fulfilling our responsibility for supplying WPPI member utilities with reliable wholesale power, and we remain highly focused on continuing to meet the membership’s service and support needs. Below you will find more information about some of the steps WPPI is currently taking to respond. We will work to keep this information current as circumstances may continue to change.

Business continuity. It has long been WPPI’s practice to prepare for emergencies including circumstances such as the potential for a significant portion of our workforce to become ill or otherwise unable to work. Should such circumstances arise, we are ready with business continuity plans, as well as the necessary technology for carrying out WPPI’s essential business functions remotely as needed.

Member events. WPPI is canceling non-essential meetings and gatherings for at least the next six weeks. During this time, our member-governed organization will conduct all necessary business meetings of the WPPI Executive Committee and board advisory groups via teleconference. We will continue to evaluate these plans and will keep the WPPI membership updated.

Working from home. WPPI is requiring that all employees work from home. A very small set of exceptions are in place for staff to support critical functions within our facility.

Health and safety within our facility. For those working in our building, we’ve increased limits on access to areas where WPPI’s essential power supply and other business functions are conducted. Among other restrictions, employees must maintain a distance of at least six feet from other individuals. We’ve enhanced our routine schedule for cleaning and disinfecting, and employees have been instructed to give their full attention to habits that prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

Ongoing communication. WPPI is actively evaluating current circumstances as they evolve. We are ready to implement additional measures as needed, and we remain fully prepared to continue meeting our responsibility for ensuring the reliable delivery of wholesale power to WPPI member utilities.


Specific business updates and support information for WPPI members are available by clicking here.