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Community Support

A variety of community programs enable members to provide significant benefits to their communities and customers through establishment of strong and lasting ties with community leaders and key organizations.

Through the Value of Local Utility Program, members contribute to local causes and non-profit organizations, engage with local schools, provide scholarships to the community’s youth, support economic development efforts, and much more – making their communities better places to live, work and play.

Electric Vehicle Technologies Initiative

Electric vehicles (EVs) offer many benefits to members and consumers while also introducing future challenges to the electric grid. Member utilities can play an influential role in shaping customers’ behaviors and purchasing decisions in a way that effectively addresses these challenges. The Electric Vehicle Technologies Initiative offers progressive options to position members as trusted partners...

Utility & Municipal Building Efficiency Incentives

A key strategy for promoting energy awareness and the importance conservation to the general public is to “lead by example.” Utility buildings and other municipally-owned facilities, because of their high visibility in the community, are excellent applications for leading by example in the efficient use of energy. Utility and Municipal Buildings Efficiency Incentives are intended to help members overcome the initial costs associated with implementing energy-saving measures, and make efficiency improvements a cost-effective investment for the municipalities.