February 10, 2020

Members Help Students Obtain Higher Education

Customer Satisfaction,Member Utilities

Many member utilities of WPPI Energy are encouraging local high school seniors to submit an application for their Public Power Scholarship. The utilities often offer annual scholarships in an effort to support young people from their community who plan to attend a technical school, college or university after graduation. Scholarships are awarded in the spring.

“Our member utilities put a high value on education,” said Kelly Davis with WPPI Energy. “As residents of the communities they serve, utility staff want to support local education. One way they’re able to help the community learn and grow is through these scholarship opportunities.”

Last year, WPPI member utilities provided more than $48,000 in scholarships for local students. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, students with a degree in higher education are more likely to earn a larger income and less likely to face unemployment. If you reside in a WPPI Energy member community and know a high school senior who may be interested in applying for the Public Power Scholarship, feel free to reach out to your local utility and ask if they are offering scholarship opportunities this year.