April 11, 2022

Local utilities seek input from business customers

Customer Satisfaction

Member utilities of WPPI are conducting a survey for the small to midsize businesses they power, with the goal of gathering insight on overall satisfaction with the utilities and their services. The utilities will use the information to determine how to best support their communities’ future development and economic growth, while ensuring local businesses receive safe, reliable, and affordable service.

Local business customers may receive an email this month asking for feedback. The utilities are encouraging businesses to participate in the survey, which is being conducted by their not-for-profit wholesale power supplier, WPPI Energy, via E Source, a third-party vendor.

“As the electric utility industry continues to evolve, our member utilities remain as dedicated as ever to understanding the changing needs of local businesses, and increasing customers’ already strong levels of satisfaction,” shared Kelly Davis, senior marketing manager with WPPI Energy. “By regularly measuring satisfaction levels, utilities are able respond to customers efficiently and effectively.”

The market research also will evaluate customer awareness of programs and services the utilities offer.

“The people who work at these local utilities really care about their business customers and the rest of the community, and this is one way the utilities can measure ways to help them continue to thrive. The information we collect from this survey will aid the utilities in better meeting the needs and expectations of their local businesses now and for years to come,” said Davis.