June 26, 2024

Public power leaders step into APPA chair roles

An Update from WPPI

American Public Power Association recently added two leaders affiliated with WPPI Energy to new chair positions.

Two years ago, Kaukauna Utilities Commission President Lee Meyerhofer began his tenure as an officer of APPA’s Policy Makers Council. During the annual APPA Policy Makers Council Fly-in next month, Meyerhofer will again rise in the ranks to become chair of the council.

“Partnering with other public power communities gives municipal utilities like ours an audience with decision makers that we just would not have otherwise,” Meyerhofer said. “I’m proud to advocate both for residents of Kaukauna and for all communities across the country powered by municipally owned utilities. Lawmakers know that we are local officials bringing concerns voiced by thousands of voters in their district.”

The Policy Makers Council acts on legislative and regulatory issues that impact customers in communities like Kaukauna and other public power communities across the United States. Members of the PMC meet twice a year in Washington, D.C., and at least once a month by telephone. The group advocates on issues such as climate policy, reducing emissions, a reliable and affordable power supply, preserving local control for public power communities and energy infrastructure investments.

Meyerhofer is an ex officio member of the APPA Board of Directors. He previously served as vice chair and first vice chair of the council after being elected in 2022.

APPA represents the 2,000 locally owned electric utilities throughout the country. There are 81 public power communities in Wisconsin. Kaukauna Utilities is one of them. Public power utilities are not-for-profit and locally owned.

WPPI Energy CEO and President Mike Peters was nominated and elected to board vice chair during the APPA National Conference held at the end of the first week of June in San Diego. He will serve one year in the position and is slated to serve as chair elect in 2025 and board chair in 2026.

“I believe that this is as much an honor for WPPI and our members as it is for me,” Peters said. “It confirms our status as a leading joint action agency and our willingness to serve.”

Meyerhofer has also served as Kaukauna city council president and as the 5th District State Assembly Representative. Kaukauna Utilities is a member-owner of WPPI Energy, a joint action agency made up of 51 utilities in Wisconsin, Iowa and Upper Michigan. The not-for-profit organization is based in Sun Prairie, Wis.