Joint Action Hall of Fame

Individuals who have made extraordinary and substantial contributions to the development and success of WPPI and joint action.
Criteria The nominee is recommended for this award on the following basis:
» Contributions of major significance to the development and success of WPPI.
» Contributions of major significance to joint action.

Selection Process
Since the Hall of Fame represents WPPI’s most prestigious award, the final determination in granting this honor will be made by the WPPI Executive Committee. The Awards Program Judging Committee, in conjunction with WPPI staff, will provide a list of potential nominees who meet the criteria to receive this award to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee may evaluate these nominees and determine whether they receive the award. Given the exclusivity of membership in the Hall of Fame, it is possible that the award may not be bestowed in any given year.

Members do have the ability to provide names for consideration. If you would like to suggest a potential candidate, please contact staff or a member of the committee.

2024 – 2025 Awards Program Judging Committee
Kevin Westhuis (EC)
Steve Brooks (EC)
Michael Avanzi (EC)
Chris Krogman
Scott Gald
Ben Collins