Joint Action Leadership Certification Program

Now Enrolling the Class of 2025!
The Joint Action Leadership Certificate Program (JALC) is an educational program for member utility leaders to become more acclimated to the WPPI, joint action agency in which their utilities are member-owners, and learn more about the valuable partnership by directly connecting concepts and content back to individual communities. The program is open to all member utility leaders, but is geared toward utility managers and management staff as well as those on the WPPI board as directors and alternates or on an advisory group.

Why consider?
» Professional development. Enrollees will gain information and knowledge about the electric industry, public power and WPPI as a power supplier, services provider and policy advocate.
» Leadership opportunities. Education obtained through the program will help enrollees expand knowledge of the electric industry, public power, WPPI and the partnership with members. Into the future, there will be a continued need for active and engaged members to become the next generation of leaders. This coursework will provide a solid foundation.
» Networking. Through WPPI, our 51 members share a common mission. Enrollees will establish a broader network of peers and colleagues that can be tremendously valuable.

Upon completion, participants will receive:
» JALC graduates will receive a $1,500 stipend toward an American Public Power Association certification program, webinar series or conference. JALC graduates with Board Certification will receive a $2,000 stipend.
» Framed certificate and lapel pin
» Recognition within WPPI and for local use (if desired)

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