Joint Action Leadership Certification – Support Services

Join us!

The two-year Joint Action Leadership Certification (JALC) Program will continue with a focus on support services. This session will give attendees an understanding of how member utilities work together to accomplish best-in-class utility operations, programs, customer engagement and business practices through WPPI support services.

While this workshop is part of the JALC series, the opportunity is open to any member utility professional interested in learning more about the joint action approach to services and programs.

Agenda Preview
  • General overview of support services
  • Member driven approach to developing services
  • Program evolution, costs and allocation
  • In-depth look at program areas (distribution services, metering and billing, information technology, energy services, customer communications and community outreach)
  • Business plan priorities
  • Members of the 2024 and 2025 Joint Action Leadership Certification Program Classes have access to the following modules this year: