RFP for Energy Efficiency


The RFP for Energy Efficiency program is designed to encourage investment by large commercial and industrial utility customers in energy efficient improvements. Up to $200,000 of incentive funding is available for each bid cycle.

Fall 2024 Round
Program Start Date – August 5
Applications Due – September 20
Awards Announcement – October 18

Eligible Proposals

The RFP seeks large efficiency projects that reduce annual total energy consumption by 100,000 kilowatt-hours or more, and/or projects that will reduce the on-peak electrical demand by at least 20 kilowatts from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. during the months of June, July, August and September.
The program is open to all commercial, industrial, and institutional power customers receiving electric service from a WPPI member utility.

Proposals may include multiple energy saving measures. Proposals may include energy savings measures from multiple facilities, as long as each facility is in a WPPI member service and is owned and operated by the same parent company.

Submitting a Bid

To participate during an open cycle of program bidding, complete and submit a Bid Application Form along with the following:

Project Background. Attach a detailed description of the proposed project. Include background detailing how this project was chosen (e.g. energy audits, planned maintenance upgrades, efficiency management plan). Describe other energy efficiency opportunities that were explored, and if the completion of this project could lead to similar projects if this one is successful. Include information on non-energy saving project benefits, how the projects affects the facility, and if there are plans to measure the energy savings. Higher rankings projects are comprehensive and combine multiple energy savings measures.

Statement of Need. This will describe how the requested incentive is necessary to support your company’s financial goals. It may include ROI, corporate hurdle, high risk, project payback, or other barriers. Also, provide details on any other funding sources for the project such as incentives, grants, low interest loans, manufacturer’s discounts, etc.

Vendor Proposal. Attach a copy of the vendor proposal for the project to the Bid Application, including a description of the equipment to be installed, technical details with copies of manufacturer specifications, and total cost of the project.

Estimate of Savings. Attach an estimate of the electrical demand and energy savings to the Bid Application, with all the equations and assumptions clearly stated. Estimates of savings include a detailed examination of the baseline energy use and projected energy and demand reductions, as well as a plan for verification of saving after project completion. The use of electronics spreadsheets is encouraged. If a simulation is used, please provide a description of how the simulation calculates the savings. Documentation of a baseline condition is required.

Project Timeline. Attach a projected schedule that shows necessary management and budget approval dates, vendor contract negotiations, engineering and design, equipment delivery and installation, and project completion.