Choose Renewable


Choose Renewable is one of the most popular programs offered by member utilities of WPPI Energy.

Choose Renewable allows customers to sign up to increase their monthly bill by a few dollars, ensuring their space is powered by renewable energy such as solar, wind and biogas. An entire home can run on clean energy with the purchase of two to three blocks. The blocks supply 300 kilowatts of renewable energy each at $2 per block. And, with no equipment to buy or install, there’s no need to worry about payback periods or annual maintenance costs.

The funds invested in Choose Renewable go towards grants to develop additional renewable resources and to grow the use and acceptance of renewable energy in local communities, while also providing nonprofit organizations the opportunity to invest in renewable energy projects of their own. Because it is generated in the Midwest, renewable energy can help increase our energy independence. With Choose Renewable, we can make a difference.

This table provides the renewable resource mix for solar, wind and biogas energy in 2023 (click image to enlarge). These figures reflect the renewable resources that WPPI Energy has contracted. Actual figures may vary according to resource availability.

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