January 12, 2023

Business customers trust local utilities

Customer Satisfaction

A recent survey polled small and midsize business customers who are served by the locally owned, not-for-profit utilities that make up WPPI Energy. Results revealed the businesses believe their utilities provide reliable energy, are trustworthy, and committed to renewable energy and sustainability. Together, the utilities received top marks and outranked larger utilities in the region.

The utilities asked their small to midsize business customers to participate in the survey with the goal of gathering insight on overall satisfaction rates. The information is being used to determine how utilities can best support their community’s future development and economic growth, while continuing to serve local businesses with safe, reliable, and affordable power.

The survey was conducted by WPPI Energy, the utilities’ not-for-profit wholesale power supplier. Participants were surveyed through E Source, the data authority for the utility industry.

“Our member utilities are extremely grateful to their local business customers, and take pride in how highly the utilities were rated,” shared Kelly Davis, senior marketing manager with WPPI Energy. “As the electric utility industry continues to evolve, our member utilities remain as dedicated as ever to understanding the changing needs of their community’s businesses.”

Survey participants ranked WPPI member utilities an aggregate 8.5 out of ten. The average for all utilities across the nation in 2022 was 7.3.