Building Community Connections

Thursday, November 9 • 9:00 a.m. – 3 p.m. CST
WPPI Energy Conference Center
1425 Corporate Center Drive
Sun Prairie, Wis.

Join Us!
Through member sharing, inspirational content, and enlightening presentations by subject-matter experts, you’ll discover exciting ways to connect with your customers and community.

  • Engage, Collaborate, Innovate: Participate in discussions, offer your valuable input, and brainstorm with fellow public power professionals.
  • Master Communication: Explore and adopt improved communication strategies to reach your customers effectively.
  • Elevate Your Local Engagement: Through firsthand experiences shared by fellow members, learn about recent customer engagement achievements.

Featured Speaker
Elevating Customer Engagement through Servant Leadership
Tom Thibodeau
Distinguished Professor
Viterbo University
La Crosse, Wis.

Servant leadership is a powerful approach to building strong connections with customers. It’s a practical and timeless guide for delivering exceptional customer experiences to engage and inspire others to serve every day through our words, our presence, and our commitment to the common good. Enjoyed by WPPI members at this year’s annual meeting, Tom will join the public power family once again to share his take on the positive power of servant leadership.

Dress the Theme!
We are celebrating fall with a “sweater weather” theme. Please consider wearing your favorite fall sweater.



Service Activity
Nominate Your Community
We’re excited to announce that, once again, we’ll be allocating time during the Building Community Connections event to make a positive impact. This year, we’re turning to you for ideas and nominations!
If you know of a non-profit organization in your community that needs assistance and have a vision for how our group can address their needs, please nominate them through the RSVP form on the WPPI website. One of the most rewarding aspects of public power is our ability to support and engage with the community, and customers in member communities truly value active involvement in these initiatives, too!


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Questions? Contact:
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