April 03, 2023

Leading with Purpose: WPPI Energy’s 2022 Annual Report

An Update from WPPI

The complete annual report is available by clicking here.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”

This saying is often attributed to Lewis Carroll’s well-known story, Alice in Wonderland. While the actual wording of the 1865 novel differs somewhat from the popular quote, its meaning still resonates today. Our desired destination must determine our path.

The point is certainly relevant to our transforming energy industry. If we seek to arrive at a place that assures the continued well-being of the customers and communities we serve, we must select our path with intention and care. Without a purpose that guides the most critical decisions about our energy future, the way forward would indeed look uncertain.

Our Direction is Clear

Fortunately for the WPPI Energy membership, our guiding purpose could not be clearer.

As WPPI’s vision describes, we are motivated by far more than just the “what” of the electric business. It’s the “why” that drives us.

Not only do the 51 utilities that make up WPPI’s membership deliver an essential service in the form of safe, reliable, affordable power, they also strive toward a greater goal. These not-for-profit, locally owned utilities were created to help their communities thrive. Their unity of purpose is what makes WPPI’s joint action model strong.

A Shared Journey

By partnering for the journey, WPPI member utilities fulfill a shared mission to accomplish more for the benefit of those they serve.

  • A reliable, affordable, responsible power supply.
  • Forward-thinking services and modern business technology offerings.
  • A highly effective voice to advocate for customers and communities.

We continued our forward progress in each of these areas throughout 2022. Despite what was in many ways a challenging year, WPPI’s membership remained highly satisfied and engaged. Our responsive, member-governed joint action model enabled us to take timely action to offset some of the most significant cost impacts of high market energy prices for customers. We also continued delivering on the kinds of business technologies and customer programs all utilities will need for future success.

Leading with Purpose

As demonstrated by many of the accomplishments described in this report, the WPPI membership’s joint action successes are unparalleled. We set the bar high because our industry leadership makes WPPI members trusted experts and valued partners for their customers, their communities, and the policymakers with whom we must partner to arrive at a better energy future.

The energy issues and opportunities before us will continue to evolve, and our shared strength and unity of purpose will help us keep leading the way for communities that thrive. This is our most important destination.

Jim Stawicki
WPPI Energy Chair
Sturgeon Bay Utilities General Manager

Mike Peters
WPPI Energy President & CEO