May 07, 2020

2019 Annual Report: Forty & Forward

An Update from WPPI

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In the four decades since they created WPPI Energy, our locally owned, not-for-profit member utilities have successfully confronted adversity together time and time again. Now, as we all face the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19, we are reminded that working together makes us stronger. In these uncertain times, our members’ enduring, singular focus on customers and their local communities will be more important than ever. And, while the world has changed significantly since some of the 2019 developments reported in this publication, our commitment to stand behind WPPI members remains steadfast as well.

We are fully prepared and equipped to continue fulfilling our responsibility for supplying wholesale power and meeting the WPPI membership’s service and support needs. While we focus our current efforts on responding to the COVID-19 public health crisis, we also find strength and encouragement in our members’ long track record of hard-won victories. We are all in this together. As we mark WPPI’s 40th anniversary, we know the legacy of our past only begins to represent all the good we can accomplish as 51 communities working for a common purpose.

Together, we will keep moving forward — for the next 40 years and more.