September 08, 2021

Survey Reveals 8 out of 10 Residential Customers Satisfied with Local Utility

Customer Satisfaction

Member utilities of WPPI Energy recently completed a residential survey to gain insight on customers’ overall satisfaction with their local utility. Similar research was conducted three years ago, giving members a chance to compare data. The survey discovered that eight out of 10 customers are satisfied with their utility, which is consistent with the previous findings.

Performed with the help of Dieringer Research Group of Brookfield, Wis., customers were randomly selected to participate, and all individual responses remain confidential. The researchers received twice the number of expected responses, and held focus groups to gain a deeper understanding of the customer experience.

Research found that customers are most satisfied with member utilities for being locally owned, providing reliable energy, and overall trustworthiness.

“For our locally owned utilities, they live and work in the communities they serve, so their customers are also their friends and neighbors. They really care about how their community feels they’re doing,” said Kelly Davis, marketing manager of WPPI Energy.

The survey also found that customers find it important for the utility to be prepared for the future, to continue keeping energy prices affordable, and increase communication during emergencies.

“It was pleasantly surprising to see how many customers took time to participate in the survey and provide meaningful feedback,” said Davis. “As a joint action agency, WPPI Energy wants to support member utilities in serving their customers, and this helps us detect areas to work on.