Hosted Applications Training

Participation in any virtual session is limited to no more than five (5) attendees and requires the setup noted below.  Questions, or if you need assistance with monitor or webcam requirements, contact Amy Giessen.

  • Quiet, designated training area for the day with minimal interruptions/distraction
    • WPPI Energy understands this may be challenging, however, this allows for full engagement in the class much like any in-person opportunity.
  • Dual monitor/display setup
    • One monitor designated for the Microsoft Teams Meeting platform. This allow the participant the ability to see the WPPI instructor’s display.
    • Second monitor designated for the NorthStar, EnergyIP, or Dynamics training database.
  • Computer webcam/video camera available for the day
    • The use of the webcam/video throughout the virtual training session provides visual interaction similar to in-person training.