Distinguished Service Award

For public officials

A public official of a WPPI member who has been an active participant in WPPI for at least five years and has made an outstanding contribution to the success of WPPI as an industry leader. Public power officials include:
» Utility commissioners (or members of equivalent governing bodies)
» Members of city council, village board or town board
» Mayors, village presidents, city managers or administrators

The nominee is recommended for this award on the following basis:
» Involvement in activities to build grassroots support for legislative and regulatory policies that benefit WPPI members and customers (e.g. letters to the editor, press conferences, public hearings).
» Active participation in state and national activities to promote the interests of WPPI members, customers and public power in general (e.g. APPA Rally, MEUW Legislative Rally, similar rallies in Michigan & Iowa, contacts with legislators).
» Contributions to raise general awareness of locally owned utilities and WPPI among legislators, regulators, other governmental officials and the media.
» Special contributions to WPPI’s success.