Renewable Energy Grants for Non-Profits RFP

WPPI Energy will provide grants of up to $20,000 to non-profit organizations for selected cost-effective renewable energy projects that help lower energy costs and promote a commitment to the environment. The program is open to customer-sited renewable projects interconnected to the distribution systems of member utilities

Project capacity is limited only such that the expected generation does not exceed the average annual energy use.

Project grant awards plus any other Federal, State or other incentives/grants shall not exceed 50% of the total installed costs.


Program Eligibility

Open to 501(c)(3) IRS qualified entities, nonprofit schools, colleges, universities or other higher learning institutes and units of government receiving electric service from a WPPI Energy member utility.

Eligible customers may “bid” for the required incentive award needed to implement their renewable energy project and meet their company financial hurdles.

Projects must be located at and owned by the nonprofit entity for the duration of the project life.

Projects must be interconnected to the member utility distribution system and meet all regulatory or utility requirements for interconnection.

Projects must generate electricity. Examples include solar PV, wind turbine generation, microturbine burning waste methane to generate electricity.


Application Details

Bid applications must be submitted with a site assessment and two cost proposals. The site assessment must be performed by an assessor holding an appropriate MREA Site Assessment Certificate or a NABCEP Certified Technical Sales or Installation professional, or Professional Engineer (PE) or evidence of equivalent experience. 

All bids will be reviewed, and ranked with the highest ranking bids funded first until available funds are expended.

Customers may contact the Energy Services Representative at their WPPI Energy member utility for more information.


REC Ownership

WPPI Energy shall retain ownership of all renewable energy attributes for the term of ten years from the date of commissioning. Successful bidders may not claim they are powering their facility with renewable energy. Promotional language example, "We generate solar energy, but sell the RECs."


2020 Schedule

Release January 6, 2020

Application Due February 7, 2020

Grant Award March 6, 2020


Program Overview
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