Like most Midwestern utilities, WPPI Energy has historically relied upon coal generation to economically meet a large portion of members’ baseload energy needs. At the same time, the membership has taken steps toward a lower-carbon power supply.

Today, more than 35% of our power supply portfolio consists of carbon-free resources. Reducing carbon is particularly important given the proposed new emission regulations from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which if approved will require states to make additional, significant carbon reductions.

Since 2005, WPPI Energy has reduced carbon dioxide emissions associated with supplying power to members by more than 23%. The nuclear energy we purchase from Point Beach Nuclear Plant helps reduce carbon emissions, as does the renewable energy in our portfolio. 

We rely upon wind, biogas, hydro and solar resources for 14% of our overall power supply, exceeding state mandates in Wisconsin and Michigan. Through joint action, we invest in utility-scale projects in our member communities, including Jefferson Solar and Richland Center Renewable Energy, and in community-based renewable demonstration projects.


Updated 4/20/15

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