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Members Attend Legislative Rally

WPPI Energy members and other public power advocates with Rep. Sean Duffy (center) 

Forty-eight utility staff and local officials representing 22 WPPI Energy communities attended the American Public Power Association Legislative Rally February 26-28 in Washington, D.C. to advocate on behalf of their customers and the 2,000+ public power communities across the nation.

“It’s great that every year we’re able to present such a strong, united front for public power,” says WPPI Energy Manager of Government Relations Joseph Owen. “I think it really resonates with legislators.”

The WPPI Energy members from communities in Wisconsin met with U.S. Sens. Baldwin and Johnson, Reps. Pocan, Kind, Grothman, Duffy and Gallagher, and the office of Rep. Sensenbrenner. The WPPI Energy members from Michigan met with U.S. Sen. Stabenow and Rep. Bergman. 

They voiced their support for policy aimed at keeping utility costs stable and maintaining local control, particularly in the areas of municipal bond financing, distributed generation, utility pole attachments, electric grid cybersecurity and electric capacity markets.

“It’s important for local leaders to meet with their legislators to share their perspectives on energy policy and its effects on public power communities,” said Tom Hanrahan, WPPI Energy General Counsel. “The details matter greatly when it comes to legislation impacting our member communities, and we are appreciative that our Congressional delegation is always receptive to hearing about those concerns.”

WPPI Energy President and CEO Mike Peters was impressed by both the size of the group and the character of its members.

“The legislative rally is an important opportunity for municipal utilities and the communities they serve to have their voices heard by members of Congress,” he said. “I am always impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm demonstrated by our member utility leaders and local officials as they work together to advocate for the benefit of those they serve.”



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