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Hoffmann Receives Award

 Pictured from left: Hoeft, Hoffmann and Peachey
Senior Energy Services Representative (ESR) Greg Hoffmann received an unexpected honor at the end of January.

“To say that I was pretty surprised would be an understatement,” he says.


Hoffmann – who supports WPPI Energy member communities Jefferson, Lake Mills and Oconomowoc – received the “Friend of the Jefferson Schools” award in recognition of contributions he has made over the course of nearly 17 years working with the Jefferson School District on energy efficiency projects.


“I’m honored that the Board of Education thought to do this,” he says.


For his nominators – Laura Peachey, Director of Business Services, and Steve Hoeft, Buildings and Grounds Director – it was not at all unexpected that the Board ultimately selected him for the award.   


“Working with Greg has given us the ability to build a strong relationship with our utility,” says Peachey. “He has been a tremendous friend of the Jefferson schools and a wonderful resource and support for me. He is well deserving of this award.”


Hoeft agrees. “Greg has been a tremendous help to the district.” 


Hoffmann has helped the district secure over $100,000 in energy efficiency incentives and grants to complete several major projects. These include: a geothermal system installation at the high school, a district-wide upgrade to LED lighting, a project to convert the high school swimming pool heater boiler from electric to natural gas, fine tuning and eliminating conflicts in the schools’ HVAC controls systems, and a project to convert cafeteria dishwasher water booster heaters from electric to natural gas.


“As energy savings from these projects have been realized, the district has been able to shift funds to other purposes for the students, staff and facilities,” says Peachey.


Hoffmann and his fellow ESRs provide a wide variety of services, including: delivering customer programs, conducting strategic energy assessments, providing support for local economic developments, and coordinating community outreach efforts.


One of the most important benefits ESRs provide for customers is expert, impartial guidance. ESRs evaluate options and help customers figure out the best path forward to meet their energy and budgetary needs.


“He has always taken the time to answer my questions and further my understanding of technical terms that relate to energy,” says Hoeft.


“For me, being counted on as a trusted resource by customers has been one of the most rewarding aspects of being an ESR,” says Hoffmann. “I get to go behind the scenes of many different places, see how they do things and work with some amazing people.”


According to Hoffmann, “It doesn’t get much better than that.”



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