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As a member-owned, not-for-profit wholesale power supplier, WPPI Energy is accountable to our members and their customers. Serving 51 community-owned utilities, it is our mission to provide reliable, low-cost electricity. Each year, the WPPI Energy Board Chair and I report on the state of our joint action agency. This year is no exception, and Jeff Feldt and I are pleased to report that the WPPI Energy membership continues to excel.
In anticipation of the 2019 annual meeting, CEO Mike Peters made a video to highlight some of the organization's achievements thus far.
WPPI Energy members claimed the number one ranking in E Source’s latest 2019 Small and Midsize business (SMB) customer satisfaction survey.
CEO Mike Peters was elected to a three-year term on the board of directors for the American Public Power Association.
Helping to make our member communities great places to live and work… this describes WPPI Energy’s mission and the driving force for all that our membership accomplishes together. Read more 2018 highlights in our Annual Report.
WPPI Energy advocated in partnership with our member utilities and the over 2,000 public power communities across the U.S. at the American Public Power Association’s (APPA) 2019 Legislative Rally February 25-27.
As we embark on 2019, we look forward to working with the elected officials representing Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa.
President and CEO Mike Peters reports on the state of the joint action agency.
The facility doubles the wind energy in our portfolio and is projected to lower costs to members.
We're 'upping our game' to deliver the benefits of new technology and to meet changing expectations.
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