WPPI Energy office building Sun Prairie, WisconsinWPPI Energy is a not-for-profit, regional power company serving 51 locally owned electric utilities. 

Our mission is to provide member utilities with reliable, low-cost electricity, best-in-class services and effective advocacy, helping to make our member communities better places to live, work and play. 


Value of Publi‚Äčc Power

As public power utilities, our members value local ownership, local control and commitment to customers. Each utility operates independently on a not-for-profit basis. Keeping more revenue within the community helps strengthen the local economy.

Advantages of Joint Action


WPPI Energy members are stronger together, achieving through joint action what would be costly and difficult to do alone. Together members own generation resources and transmission assets, offer cost-effective programs and services for customers, share technology resources, and advocate on behalf of customers. As a result, WPPI Energy members are better equipped to operate successfully as the industry changes.  


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