WPPI Energy office building Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

WPPI Energy is a not-for-profit, regional power company serving 51 locally owned electric utilities. 

Locally owned, not-for-profit, public power utilities bring significant value to their communities. 

WPPI Energy stands behind its member utilities to help them preserve and enhance this value for the long term, with:

  • A reliable, affordable, responsible power supply
  • Cost-effective shared programs and services 
  • An effective voice for energy policy advocacy

WPPI Energy member utilities are stronger together, achieving through joint action what would be costly and difficult to do alone.

Our Mission

To provide member utilities with reliable, low-cost electricity, best-in-class services and effective advocacy, helping to make our member communities better places to live, work and play.

Our Vision

To be the leading joint action agency supporting and empowering strong, locally owned member utilities that accomplish more by working together.

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